About Hair & Skin

A center specialized in providing ultimate solutions to hair, skin and body problems with the latest techniques and the finest products. Our branches in Saudi Arabia are in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar, and in United Arab Emirates is in Dubai.

We have a separate section for hair problems, such as, frizziness, dryness, damages, hair loss and split ends. Also for treating oily hair and dandruff, weak roots and damaged scalp, by products from International companies.

We also have a separate section for skin care for most problems, such as, dryness, blackheads, eye puffiness, acne, wrinkles, freckles…etc. We treat those problems with the latest cosmetic solutions and Italian, Spanish and Malaysian products.

A special section of skin care from the French company Ericsson Laboratory

Our posts have a special section for skin care from the French company Ericsson Laboratory to resolve most of skin problems, for example: Pigmentation acne, wrinkles, fatigue, dark circles, eye dryness and blackheads deep clean with the latest international technologies (injection alternative – tighten sagging skin).

A special section is also available for body care with the latest Malaysian, French and Spanish technologies.

Body care

A special section of the center for body care with the latest Malizian, French and Spanish techniques.

Skin care

The best ways of care through new skin care products under the hand of specialists in the field of skin.

Hair care

The best ways for hair care, natural mixes and recipes for hair and medical tips to help you keep it healthy.